Empire Poly Plast pp box strapping manufacturer,PP Box strapping Roll manufacturer has started the production of Polypropylene Straps in 2014. Our manufacturing plant is located at Shapar Industrial Area and the prime aim for selecting the plant location is the proximity of plant to transportation facility, continuous power supply and availability of skilled & semi skilled labors.

Due to a very huge experience of 22 years of our Managing Partner Mr. Arvind Dhami, Our Company has achieved the specialization in manufacturing and supplying of qualitative Polypropylene Straps within a very short span of time.

At Empire Poly Plast, We believe in the best quality products and as a result of continuous focus on the quality aspect, we follow standards for quality control by using standard quality testing machines. Tensile Strength, Elongation, Curvature, and Seal Strength are the main parameters of test that we are checking during and after the production process of the product. Such test is required to maintain the quality of our product.

We are catering to almost every industry like Ceramic, Glass, Marine, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Automobile, Plastic, Paper, Agriculture and so on.

TO combine the dynamism of the company with its wealth of experience and wisdom in order to achieve global recognition in induatrial safety through quality, innovation and sensitivity to future trends.

Empire aims to become one of the most innovative company in the plastic industry, to help customers in achieving higher economic and social benefits through continuous innovation of products and solutions.